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While Mums are the easiest to please, flowers can help you make them feel extra special on Mother’s day.

Flower Arrangement for Mother’s Day in Denistone

Let us help you make your mum feel extra special on Mother’s day.

LS Flower Design is here to deliver you fresh and unique Flower Arrangement for Mother’s Day in Denistone.

Top choices for Mother’s Day Flowers

Different flowers have different meanings which can make it tricky to choose the right flowers for your mum. To make it easier for you, here is a list of top flower choices for mother’s day:


Roses are the ultimate flowers of love. These most popular flowers can make Mother’s day extra special for your mum. You can send a bouquet of premium roses or an arrangement to let her know how much you love her.

To express your appreciation, you can send her a bouquet of pink roses. Send white roses to add more depth to your gift as they symbolise purity.


Carnations are a symbol of a mother’s eternal love for her children. Popular choices of carnations for mother’s day are pink and white carnations.

Pink carnations are a symbol of a mother’s undying love, while white carnations are used for remembering the mother.


Oriental lilies make a great choice for mother’s day flowers. They are a symbol of modesty and purity. Other than that, you can also go for pink, orange or yellow lilies for the occasion. Pink lilies represent prosperity and abundance which makes them a good choice of flowers to wish your mum on mother’s day.


Chrysanthemums are the most popular Mother’s Day flowers in Australia. These are popularly found in May and represent support and friendship, making them a good option for the occasion.

You can send a simple bouquet of these flowers or go for an extravagant arrangement, either way your mum will love these!


Tulips are available in a wide range of colours and look good as both bouquets and in arrangements. They are vibrant and exclusive flowers that your mum will love for sure.

You can go for pink, yellow or purple tulips for Mother’s day as they go with the theme.

Pink tulips represent happiness and make a great choice to celebrate motherhood. Yellow ones represent hope and cheerfulness. They are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face. And the purple tulips represent admiration, making them a great option for flowers for mother’s day celebration.


Peonies are beautiful flowers available in shades of white, pink, red, and purple that make a great choice for Mother’s day flowers. They represent good fortune and honor and make great centerpiece decorations. Give your mom an arrangement of peonies that she can decorate to brighten up the room and her day.

Choose LS Flower Design for Flower Arrangement for Mother’s day in Denistone

At LS Flower Design, we pick the freshest of flowers to give your special occasion a touch of extra special. Our unique flower arrangements for mother's day are freshly made by our florists and delivered to you when you want.

If you’re not in the city for Mother’s Day, we can still help you make your mum feel special by delivering her your flowers. All you have to do is choose the flowers you want and get them delivered at your desired location.

In case of any last minute plans, we also offer same day delivery of Mother’s day flowers in Denistone.

Let us help make your mum feel a little extra special on Mother’s Day with our Mother’s day flower arrangements.

Get fresh Mother's Day Flower Delivery in Denistone by LS Flower Design.