What are the 10 most popular flowers

What are the 10 most popular flowers

Flowers make the best gift as they represent a lot of different kinds of emotions. Sending flowers to someone does not only mean that you’re thinking of them but can even express how you feel. From love to apology, you can express anything with them.

Confused about which flowers to send for your occasion? Roses symbolise love but is that all they do? Don’t worry, here’s some help. 

Keep reading to find out and choose the best flowers to gift for your occasion.

10 most popular flowers to send online 

Sending flowers online when you’re away is the sweetest gesture to express your emotions. With a wide variety online, it is easier to get confused while picking out the right ones. Here’s a list of ten most popular flowers and what they symbolize. 


Of course, roses top the list. It is the first choice of most people when gifting flowers. Even though roses symbolize love, different colours have different meanings. The red, pink and white roses symbolise love and affection, making them your first choice when sending to a loved one.


Carnations symbolize admiration, friendship and loyalty, making them a good option to send your friends. But specifically, white carnations symbolise good luck, making them a good choice to send to someone who’s starting something new.


Symbolizing purity, peace, innocence and love, lilies are your alternative to roses when you don’t want to go too mainstream. The tricky thing here is that lilies are even gifted during funerals as they symbolize that the soul of the departed receives restored innocence after death.


Also called as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, alstroemeria symbolizes wealth, fortune and prosperity. These are the flowers of friendship, making them a good option when letting your friend know you’re thinking of them.


Lavender signifies grace and purity. But especially the purple ones symbolize luxury, elegance and refinement. They can be gifted on various occasions including birthdays and are a good option when gifting someone elderly.


Amaryllis symbolize beauty, inspiration, determination and strength. Named after a Greek word, that means “to sparkle,” they make the best choice to give someone after their hard-won achievement.


Daisies symbolize appreciation, purity and innocence. They can be gifted for many occasions and can be used even as a thank-you gift.


Iris is the symbol of wisdom, faith, hope and trust. You can give them on various occasions for various reasons. And you can even choose the white ones for sympathy or get-well gifting.


Mainly representing love, faith and wisdom, asters can also symbolize charm and patience. They can be chosen for birthday gifting or even to wish luck as they’re considered a good luck charm.


Orchids are the most popular ornamental plants. They symbolize love, beauty, strength and luxury. They’re the best to gift on a special occasion as they represent a number of emotions and last for a longer time.

Love the versatility, right? 

Choose the right flowers as your gift and send them to remind your loved ones that you care.

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